December Holiday program for Special Need Kids

School holidays one to one support

School holidays are usually a time to look forward to – a time for families to come together and wind down after a busy half term of lessons, after-school clubs, and so on. However, for families with special needs kids especial an autistic child, school holidays can actually be a time to dread rather than anticipate with excitement. 

Sarm’s Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre has arranged a special program in this December Holiday. The program is designed to stimulate the kids in the following areas: -

  • Communication skills
    (If your child struggles with spoken language, a critical step for increasing independence is strengthening his or her ability to communicate)
  • Social skills
    (working in a group, interacting with others, asking for help etc.)
  • Executive Functioning Skills
    (self-monitoring, paying attention, Initiating tasks and staying focused on them etc.)

The program, also offers a range of fun, interactive play opportunities designed for children with special needs from 2 up to 9 years old to be active and engaged. Parents with special needs kids, have the opportunity to introduce their children in this program. Speeds need kids should not be left  wandering at home.

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