“My Bike” A special program to train Children with Autism bicycle riding

For many children with Autism, riding a bike is a struggle, and can definitely be stressful for both the child and the parent. Children with autism improve very much as they practice cycling.

Sarms Occupational therapy and Rehabilitation Centre has designed a special program called “My Bike” to train Children with Autism bicycle riding. We have Experienced personnel to assist your kid to develop bicycle riding skills Call us now 0656050300

  • Cognitive Development

It is in a child’s nature to want to explore, have fun and generally just to have an unharnessed amount of curiosity about life and the world. Children begin to explore their environment and learn very early in life. Movement is crucial for cognitive development. For children with autism, this movement component may be more difficult. It is imperative that a child is offered some way to independently move and explore his environment with his bike.

  • ​Visual Motor Integration

Movement and cognition are linked. One learns to perceive and visually process their surrounding through movement. For example, a child learns how close they are to the wall or table after bumping into it. Movement is so important for these higher level skills to develop to their full potential while adding significance to the environment and its lessons. Eye hand coordination skills are greatly improved with bicycle riding.

  • Trunk Control & Balance

Riding a bicycle is a great way to increase tolerance for sitting upright. It is fun and engaging. This way is generally better tolerated than sitting on the edge of the mat/bed in the therapy gym or at home.

Additional endurance for sitting helps translate into better attention at school. As a child’s trunk and head control get better, the amount of energy used to maintain this posture lessens and makes it easier to concentrate on cognitive tasks. This can also carry over into better access for driving a power wheelchair, accessing a computer or communication device, or increased attention to the environment.

  • The digestive system and quality sleep

Exercise helps to keep the digestive system better regulated more regular and physical activity has been known to aid in better quality sleep and for longer durations.

  • Breathing and blood circulation

Bike riding helps contract and release of muscles helps to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body for increased circulation and blood flow.

  • Healthy Body                                                                                                                                   

 Bike riding helps your body develop physically with bone growth, strengthening of anti-gravity muscles, development of hand/eye coordination and much more.

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